and running resumes

well, it’s been a little bit since i’ve put on the running shoes – since gasparilla half to be exact. sometimes you just have to listen to your body and take a break – especially after all of the half marathons that i’ve fit in to such a short time period (plus all the additions races in-between). but, now is the time to get back into the swing of things with the winter park 10k coming up in just 1.5 weeks, and then star wars – the dark side half marathon in april. i cannot tell you how excited i am for these two upcoming races. probably my favorites from last year – and i only see that continuing into this year as well (fun fact: it’s my goal to complete the dark side half marathon 5 years in a row, can you tell i’m a star wars geek).

and yesterday kicked off my second wave of training. while i only ran a quick mile, it was a great way to get into the swing of running again. i actually intended to go at a slower pace, but i was feeling pretty great and finished my mile in approximately 9 minutes (in absolutely beautiful weather i may add). honestly, i think this may be the last “cold” spell in florida for quite a while, so i had to take advantage of it while it lasted. and not only did i go out for a great run, i also went to an early AM pure barre class. i’m trying to switch up my workouts a little bit – adding in some core, arms and much more. and i really think pure barre is going to be the way i go for that additional cross training. not a lot of impact – as i already get that with running – but an absolutely great workout that still kicks you in the butt (no pun intended as my glutes are pretty sore this morning). if you’re looking for any kind of additional workouts, definitely check it out.

but here’s to more fitness variety and continued preparation for my upcoming races. i can’t believe they are already coming up so soon.

until next time

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