luck of the irish

well, i hope everyone had a wonderful st. paddy’s day holiday and weekend. i know we certainly did?!

as some of you know, we decided to book a vacation overseas to the wonderful country of ireland later this year – a bucket list country for both of us. and it just so happened that on saint patrick’s day, we decided to book our place to stay in dublin – coincidence?! regardless, it definitely called for more of a celebration on the holiday – ultimately staying in at the house while drinking a variety of irish beers (thank you total wine and spirits). i mean you can’t beat a relaxing night, outside, while enjoying the company beside you. and the celebrations continued the next day at disney springs – ending up at the mighty st. patrick’s festival 2017 at raglan road. with irish dancers and live entertainment – this was the best way to spend a saturday evening, and luckily we found great seats at the outside bar.

but aside from the great celebrations, it just means that we are that much closer to our european adventures. i cannot believe it?! it seems like the time is flying by, but at the same time – it’s not going by fast enough. but we still have some planning to do – so it’s probably good we still have a little bit of time.

but, i want to hear from you all…for those who have traveled to ireland, what are your MUST-DO sights?

until next time

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