park ave 5k recap

and the fourth race in the track shack series is complete! yet again, track shack puts on an incredible race…and what i loved about this year was there was a “beat beethoven challenge” incorporated into the race. so what does that challenge actually mean? in honor of the 25th anniversary of the orlando philharmonic orchestra, if runners finished the race in the time it takes the orchestra to perform beethoven’s fifth symphony (32 minutes), they received a special gift. so cool, right? so naturally, i was up for the challenge. however, i also had this struggle in my mind as i was officially running 5/1 minute intervals for the race…kick starting my 2018 racing utilizing the race method i plan to use in chicago. what’s a girl to do?

well, ultimately i decided that regardless i was going to be happy with this race. especially because there is a bigger goal to look towards. and the results…i shocked myself completely with how well i did. as i mentioned earlier, this was the first time that i’ve “truly” used the galloway method – so i didn’t really know what to expect. i ended up averaging a 9:02 minute pace and completed 3.17 miles (per my garmin), with a time of 28:37. and after looking at my results from last year, i was only slower by 30 seconds…and last year i ran the entire race?! mind was literally blown. so needless to say, i can see why people use this method. quite honestly, i also felt the best that i ever have after a race – and that’s with negative running splits for each 5 minutes of running. i honestly think my motivate wrap for the day could not have been more perfect after describing my race: i find your lack of faith disturbing. yes, leave it to me to have a star wars themed motivational wrap, but it’s so true. don’t ever doubt your abilities! i definitely cannot wait to see what training and upcoming races have in store.

but, next up…”virtual lady track shack” and continued training. stay tuned for more updates.

until next time

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