running, barre and crossfit – oh my?!

whoa? this past week was all full of different kinds of fitness. between my normal running “schedule,” a pure barre class and then a crossfit drop in on saturday – you could say that my body is extremely sore. but nevertheless, it was totally worth it. i think the best part of last week was being able to push my body a little more – more so by trying different types of exercise; switching up the running routine. however, i must say – i am feeling great during my last couple runs…averaging within the 9:00-9:30 minute/mile pace which is typically a quicker training pace for me. i think over the next few months, i am going to focus a little more on shorter runs – that way when i gear up for longer distances iΒ am well rested and not burnt out from longer distances. sometimes you have to put your body first in the equation.

and on top of my running, i am starting to sprinkleΒ in some other exercise routines to build up the rest of my body – i am all about trying new things. and that’s exactly what i am doing with pure barre. purchasing 10 classes, i wanted to commit to something else other than running to ensure that i am completing a little more cross training in my workout mix. i find that by working out other muscles, it actually helps my runs – so win-win on that front. and man, last week’s class truly (and literally) kicked my butt – i swear my booty is still sore a few days later. that’s when you know you’ve engaged some new muscles…i haven’t felt that sore since my gymnastics days!

and if i thought i couldn’t be anymore sore than i already was, keith and i decided to drop in to a crossfit class at clermont crossfit on saturday morning. now, it has been “oh a good 2.5 years” since i’ve done a crossfit class AND this was keith’s first one EVER – so needless to say we just wanted to make it out alive. the best part, we have some friends that go to the gym so it at least made us feelΒ a lot more comfortable coming in for a workout. that’s always the most important part (in my opinion), the welcoming atmosphere that motivates you to keep going throughout a workout. and luckily, on saturdays they complete a partner WOD – so keith and i were able to team up and tackle to workout of the day together. somehow, i got lucky and it was truly right in my wheelhouse back from my crossfit days…shoulder to overhead, sit-ups and double unders – with some running laps in between. and wow, was i extremely proud of keith – for his first crossfit workout, he absolutely crushed it. and for me, the extra motivation from him was exactly what i needed. a perfect way to start the weekend.

but, time for the body to recover and then it’s back at it again.

until next time

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