prepping for #wprr 10k

so as i sit here the night before the winter park road race 10k, i can’t help but think that i am extremely sad the track shack running series is almost over. i absolutely love this race series, and this is one of my favorite races of the year. at least this year i remember where the one hill is during the race. yep, we do have an occasional hill in florida…just not many of them!

now leading into this race, i had an initial goal of finishing under one hour. i had gotten so close last year, finishing in 1:00:59 that i figured why not go for it again. but after a hectic few weeks, you got to love when life just gets in the way sometimes, i really haven’t had the chance to run that often. so i think i am going to change up the strategy a bit and really just go out and have a great race, regardless of time. if i end up having a great race and hitting that under one hour mark, great. but if not, i just see it as an opportunity for a good training run for the star wars half marathon: the dark side in april. it’s honestly crazy that my next half marathon is so close. and then before i know it, we will be in chicago and i will be running my first marathon ever.

i cannot wait until tomorrow! good luck to all of the racers participating, and stay tuned for my post race recap.

until next time

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