kids for a night

sometimes you just have to give in, and escape adulthood (even if it’s only for a few hours). and that’s exactly what keith and i decided to do on saturday night – planning a date night around disney’s magic kingdom park. yes, i know, we must be crazy heading over to one of the busiest parks in orlando, while folks are in town for spring break. but for us, it’s not about how many rides or adventures we experience, it’s really the company and just the magical feeling we have while we are at disney, especially magic kingdom. so, here’s a little look into our “kids for a night” date night.

we decided to start at one of the monorail line resorts, the grand floridian resort and spa – relaxing at one of the lounges on property, mizner’s lounge. near the band, this lounge definitely fills up quickly – thankfully we arrived slightly before 5:00pm to get a seat at the bar. after enjoying a couple delicious cocktails, it was time to entire into a world of fantasy and fun at disney’s magic kingdom. luckily earlier in the week, i was able to secure a few fastpass slots for some of the top rides at the park: big thunder mountain railroad, space mountain and seven drawfs mine train. honestly, i am not quite sure how i got lucky enough to snag a fastpass for mine train, but we did – and even better, it would be keith’s first time riding the coaster.

but aside from the coasters, i was extremely excited to watch wishes from within the park. it had been a while since we’ve been to magic kingdom at night, and these fireworks definitely don’t disappoint. i also have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for the main song that is played during the show – when you wish upon a star – as my dad used to sing that song to me when i was a little girl. those moments always remain in my heart, and i swear every time i hear the song i start to tear up. that was truly the highlight of my night – being in keith’s arms, watching the fireworks – in such a relaxed state. so as much as there was hustle and bustle around us (and while we were totally big disney kids), it was so nice to step away from the real world and remember that there is a little bit of magic all around us.

until next time

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