why the grand tour?

wow…it’s been a minute. so much has happened between july of last year to now – marriage, a honeymoon and so much more! and honestly, blogging fell a bit to the sideline. but – i’m back! and man – does it feel good to start writing (just because) again.

and naturally – for my first post back, i wanted to write about one of my favorite things…wine! i will say, it’s funny how your taste evolves over time. i’ll never forget when i started to drink wine – you would never catch me drinking anything other than a sweet moscato or riesling. and now, it’s the complete opposite – the bolder the better (a.k.a. barolo, yes please)! but while my taste buds have changed and i’ve found wines that i absolutely love – i still like to try new things, especially from regions that i’m not as familiar with.

but i know you’re probably thinking – it’s a lot of work to try and find different wines from a variety of regions. well – let me tell you, i am so thankful for a wine membership that i joined almost three (3) years ago called the grand tour by verve wine. i seriously can’t believe it’s already been that long since we joined…but it’s been such an incredible investment [and no, no ad here…seriously just LOVE this membership – and try to tell as many people as i can about it].

for my husband and i, we find that when we buy wine at the store – we tend to stick to what we know…and varietals that we’ve heard of before. with the grand tour, it takes you so far out of your comfort zone and allows you try to wines that you may not have ever heard of…nevertheless tried before!

so what do you get with each shipment? the grand tour is a monthly membership where four (4) wines are included in each “destination” package. i call it a destination package because each month highlights a different part of the world. so one month you can be in finger lakes, new york and then next month, you are trying wines from corsica. and what i love is verve wine includes a great variety of wine – typically including two (2) white and two (2) red wines…or roughly that variation. sometimes they’ll switch out a white for bubbles – or even include a rosé [one of my favorites].

the best part…all of these wines are picked by master sommelier, dustin wilson – so you know they will be top quality! and the team includes informational handouts within your shipment – explaining more about the region and the wines that were selected. even including some food pairing recommendations – which is fantastic for a non-wine professional over here! notch you get all of this for $95 a month + shipping – so roughly it’s only about $25 per bottle…a fantastic deal especially for high quality wines!

also…as a wine club member, you receive 10% off all verve wine purchases (in-stores and online). perfect for those additional wine purchases throughout the year!

it’s always so exciting to be surprised each month as to where we are traveling next within the world of wine…and coincidentally, i just got my notification today that my wine has been shipped out for next month. cannot wait to see where we are traveling to next.

until next time

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