the end of summer…

it’s hard to believe that summer has “officially” come to a close – well, i suppose technically not in florida (our state doesn’t get the “cool down” memo every year). but labor day has passed and everyone is getting back into the swing of the normal routine. no more summer trips, relaxing on a beach somewhere…

but thankfully, we just closed off summer in such an incredible way – with some of our close friends in st. simons island in georgia. i feel like there is nothing better than getting to spend a long weekend with friends, who you may not see all of the time, but it feels like yesterday when you see them. between visits to the beach and catching up on life, it was so nice to de-plug from the real world for a little bit and truly enjoy the weekend (something i tend to have a hard time doing).

and there is no better way to reminisce than with a delicious glass of wine in hand – and if you’ve read my blog posts, you know that i love bringing wines along on vacation. there is something just so fun about tasting a new wine with others – especially since most people will pick up different notes from each wine, which to me is always so fascinating! and because we were wrapping up the end of summer, we thought a couple of rosés would be the best choice…AND it doesn’t hurt that we received our limited edition box of rosé wine from verve wine a week prior. it was like it was meant to be!

so which wines from our limited edition box did we select? we decided on the catherine & pierre breton ‘la ritournelle’ rosé from france and the weingut jäger zweigelt rosé from austria. and wow, both of these wines were incredible and had differing “personalities.” the ‘la ritournelle’ rosé was so crisp and refreshing; the perfect wine for a beautiful summer day. and on the flip side, the zweigelt rosé had this incredible acidity to it and almost seemed to have a little bit of a fizz (to my palette). it also was a little more fruit-forward, in my opinion, than the ‘la ritournelle’ rosé. but that is truly what i love about wine – you can have two wines of the same varietal and they can taste completely different. but yet, they are both absolutely wonderful – it honestly makes me want to learn more and more about wine!

and while we only brought two selections on our vacation, we may have already decided to try the massaya rosé from lebanon. yep, you read that right – lebanon! i honestly have never tried a wine from this region before and i was blown away. refreshing and it paired so nicely with grilled chicken – and other recommended pairing ideas from our handout include: all things grilled, hummus and other various dips.

“this crisp and refreshing rosé is made from cinsault and syrah, grown at high altitudes within the bekaa valley.”

thankfully, we still have some “summer” weather left in florida – just more of an excuse to enjoy what has become what of my favorite varietals, rosé.

until next time

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