an irish adventure

sorry it’s been a few days since i’ve posted. it’s been quite a fun and wonderful adventure the past couple days with flying over to ireland and then taking a grand driving tour around the southern part of the country. now granted, we definitely haven’t seen everything this beautiful country has to offer – but i’d say that we’ve done a pretty great job finding some wonderful spots thus far. so where have the last couple days taken us? well, we’ve been able to tour the beautiful city of galway, hike the cliffs of moher and killarney national park, and heck go on the fun adventure of just driving in the country (which let me tell you is quite different than the states).

and don’t worry, i will recap all of our adventures in some later posts, but i can’t help to first highlight the cliffs of moher in county clare, ireland. located along the wild atlantic way, this sight is absolutely breathtaking. and from what i’ve heard, we got extremely lucky with our weather on the day we visited. with the sun shining and nearly no wind, we were able to hike 7 miles of the cliffs. which i won’t lie was a lot more than we anticipated the walk, but are we glad that we did. i swear, once we started walking we couldn’t stop. there were so many incredible views from the various sections of the cliffs. and being the former gymnast, i couldn’t help but do a couple handstands for a picture perfect shot. i mean, this location is pretty iconic and since the weather was perfect WHY NOT?!

but, i think my favorite moment was walking to nearly one of the ends of the trail and just sitting on one of the little cliffs more inland from the edge. it was one of those moments that just “snapshots” in your head. it’s so hard to explain but it truly was perfection. sitting with the person you love, looking out on the most gorgeous scenery…how could that moment not be perfect?

so if you are planning a trip to ireland, don’t miss this sight. it may be a popular area, but it is totally worth it. stay tuned for some upcoming posts recapping some favorite locations from our trip.

until next time

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