hello broadway

i can’t help but continually think about our incredible trip to new york city! and wow, did we have some fun which included celebrating our first st. paddy’s day in nyc. thankfully we were able to find a pub, grab a table and enjoy the day! nothing quite says st. paddy’s day like hanging out in a pub. but on top of the fun festivities, we were able to see some incredible broadway shows during our time in the city.

now leading into the trip, we were only planning on seeing one broadway show – but by the end of the trip, we saw three! yep, you read that right three shows in four days. i’d say that’s pretty successful, don’t you think! so now you ask, what did we end of seeing? well, our originally planned show was none other than anastasia. now i’ve been so excited to see this show, as i loved the movie growing up. it even was my floor music while i competed in gymnastics at one point in time. and wow, what a show. i have been listening to the soundtrack for a while now and honestly, it was that much better in person. the cast was amazing and the story was so beautifully brought to life. we even got to see the majority of the original cast!

but our last minute decision shows were…phantom of the opera and frozen on broadway. and i must say, these shows were fantastic. i have always wanted to see phantom of the opera, i mean it’s a classic, and holy smokes it doesn’t disappoint. i was so amazed by the talent level of these actors, and the voices, i have no clue how they do it. the set was awesome too. i’ve heard so many things about phantom and how their incorporate main set pieces into the show – and without giving it away, i will just say i was blown away. it was one of the coolest things i’ve seen.

and then last but not least, literally the day before the show, we purchased tickets for frozen on broadway. now this show was still technically in previews when we saw it, and after watching a few sneak peek videos of the music we knew we had to see it. and to have the opportunity to see the original cast on broadway, we just couldn’t pass that up. and we are glad that we bought those tickets. the entire show was amazing. between the magnificent set to the witty comments throughout the show, we couldn’t have asked for a better performance to end our trip on. and yes, adults you will love it too! disney did a fantastic job translating what was in the film, and more, on stage.

but we still have a few shows on the bucket list…yep, you guessed it hamilton. but i know we will be visiting new york city again soon, so there is always more opportunity to see some incredible shows. i seriously can’t get enough of them!

until next time

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