t-1 day until the dark side

i can’t believe that we are less than 24 hours away from the star wars half marathon – the dark side. it seems like this race has definitely creeped up, which ultimately means that marathon training is quickly approaching for october. now, all i am praying for is no thunderstorms during the race. unfortunately, they are potentially in the forecast, but hoping mother nature is in our favor tomorrow.

but with that being said, rain or no rain, i am extremely excited for this race. i’ve ran this race since the inaugural year, and i am hoping to match or beat my personal best time. however, i am definitely going to gauge that on how i am feeling during the race and the weather. i’ve learned over the years to not push it if i’m not feeling the best, especially with more races ahead in my future. ultimately, i really just want to have a blast and rundisney definitely knows how to put on an entertaining race. and with that, i leave a few tips before tomorrow’s race:

  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
    i still need to be better at this one. make sure you hydrate before, during and after the race – especially in this florida weather, even if it’s a cooler day.
  • fuel your body
    again, this may seem like a no brainer. be sure to stick to your typical eating habits. trust me, i’ve made the mistake of switching up my food routine and my stomach was not happy with me after the race.
  • arrive early on race day
    this one is a big one for me. especially with having to shuttle to the start line, i always like to be an early bird. i always recommend getting to the race location a little earlier than most – besides you can take advantage of the fun character meet and greets AND less lines for the bathrooms.
  • have fun
    if this is your first half marathon, or you are a total veteran, don’t forget to have fun. we all have our personal goals, but just remember you are still kicking butt by just being out there running. that is something to be proud of.

stay tuned for my race recap.

until next time

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