date night at jaleo

sometimes all you need is a little date night, especially after a full day of #adulting (i.e. cleaning out the entire garage and making 3 full carload runs to goodwill). and what better place to spend a date night than at disney springs. i’ll admit, it is nice to have disney springs pretty much right in our backyard. there are so many incredible options to choose from, and last night we got to try a location we hadn’t been to before – jaleo by josé andrés.

we ended up finding a nice little place at the bar – and immediately dove into the menu to check out all of the options. now jaleo is a tapas-style restaurant. we actually love this style of restaurant because we tend to try a lot more items. however, i must say it was hard to choose our selections with so many incredible choices on the menu. so naturally, we asked the bartender for recommendations – ending up with…

  • gambas al ajillo: tapa of shrimp with garlic, likening it to their version of a shrimp scampi
  • pollo a la brasa: mouth-watering chicken served with a delicious garlic sauce
  • bikini de jamon con queso manchego: how can you go wrong with a pressed ham and cheese sandwich, especially with manchego cheese
  • chorizo casero con puré de patatas al aceite de oliva: a delicious spicy chorizo dish on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes
  • patatas bravas: a delicious potato dish and A MUST HAVE!

and there are still so many other amazing options on the menu – including a variety of paellas and delicious desserts. and to top it off, they have a variety of cocktails and spanish wines (i ended up selecting the gañeta and louro rafael palacios). these wines were absolutely incredible and perfectly balanced – both in the white wine family, with the gañeta being a nice and easy drinking wine and the louro rafael palacios being a little more full-bodied.

it was the perfect way to celebrate a day full of getting things done around the house; and i know that we will definitely be back! be sure to check out their website to view all of the menu selections and to make a reservation. they even have a variety of locations around the states!

until next time!

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