run 4 love

my goodness, only one more track shack series race left in the season. i cannot believe how fast time has flown by. and this past weekend was one of my favorite track shack races, the run 4 love 4 miler. i don’t know if it’s the 4 mile distance, or just the theme of the race, but i’ve always had such an incredible experience as this race. maybe we could all just feel the “love for running” in the air?!

and this weekend was definitely no different. although i would’ve preferred slightly better weather – have to love nice and humid florida – it was a wonderful race day. now, i didn’t really have any true “goal,” but i did stick true to my interval training; utilizing a 7 minute run / 1 minute walk this go around. i figured that i would try out this interval during a race, especially since i had just utilized that method recently at marathonfest. it ended up being a great run, but i think moving forward for shorter races i may go back to the 5 minute / 1 minute interval method. that way i can utilize those “quick sprints” throughout the race. overall, i was extremely pleased with my race; averaging a 9:22 minute pace. and honestly, i won’t lie i did not expect to run that quickly. i hadn’t even had the chance to run during the week prior to the race. so definitely surprised! just goes to show that all you need is a little faith, trust and pixie dust.

and not only was the actual race fantastic, but i also got to finally meet some fellow IG runners that i’ve been following for a while. i always love meeting new people (and putting faces to the instagram names). it’s truly amazing how incredible this running community is, and the support that everyone has for each other. seriously my favorite part of running these races.

but next up, the star wars virtual half marathon this upcoming weekend. i still get so giddy knowing that in just a few short months i will be receiving that millennium falcon medal.

until next time

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