as all of you may have figured out, i love my wine. and over the years, keith and i have really been exploring the vast world of wine. i can owe that to some of the amazing wine clubs that we’ve joined. so with that, i wanted to dedicate a page specific to the wine clubs (and wines) that we love.

the grand tour
the grand tour has been absolutely incredible. honestly, this wine club is what has allowed us to really get out of our comfort zone. because each shipment is different, we have been able to try new wines that we never would’ve thought about trying previously. and the best part of this wine club, trying wines from around the world (4 in total each month). my favorite moment is getting a new shipment in and then finding out what region of the world we will be exploring next.

want to explore the world of wine? visit to learn more.

roblar wine club
the beginning. my very first wine club that i’ve ever joined, way back when. this one happened to fall into my lap. i was traveling for work and had some downtime, so i decided to stop by this vineyard in santa ynez, california based on a recommendation. that was actually the very first time i had been to a vineyard as well, so the whole experience was absolutely incredible. i was able to try a few wines…all just as good as the one before. and from that moment, i was sold. so now, every 3 months i get 3 bottles of wine from this location (almost 3 years in total now from when i signed up). if you are ever near this location, i highly recommend stopping by.

learn more about roblar on their website.

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