summer running fun…

well, it’s officially summertime here in florida – but in all honesty, weather wise it’s definitely been summer for quite some time. and with summer comes one of my favorite running series – the rundisney virtual running series. i love virtual races because you can complete each race on your own time…definitely a bonus with how busy we can get sometimes.

and this year, it was a no brainer to sign up…especially because the series focused around marvel. being comic book/super hero nerds, we were ecstatic to earn this year’s medals! and our first race (for june) is officially complete.

©2019 marvel ©disney

now, being a rundisney race, we naturally decided to run around a disney resort since we are local to orlando. and for our first race, we decided on the disney’s saratoga springs resort & spa and the disney springs area. this is seriously one of my favorite resorts to run around, since the majority of the route goes right along the water. however, i must say – it was quite an adventure because i couldn’t remember our exact route that we’ve run previously. but in the end, it worked out perfectly since after we explored through the resort – our run ended right at the starbucks in disney springs west side for a post-run coffee. i mean, we couldn’t have planned it out any better?!

and the run ended up going great, even with us waking up way too late – ultimately leading to run in mid-80 degree weather. but thankfully, we were able to monitor our pace and end up with an average of 12:57, utilizing the galloway method.

what a great start to the series – one down and two more to go. now the biggest decision, where should we run our next virtual race?

until next time

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