run, walk, run

my run, walk, run training has officially begun. also known as the galloway method, i have always wanted to try this out to see if it would help with fatigue, soreness and overall keep my body a little healthier. and with signing up for a marathon this year, i thought this was the most opportune time to try it out…especially because i know i wouldn’t be able to run a full marathon without any breaks.

now, many of you runners have probably either seen galloway method runners on the road, or maybe you are one yourself. but one thing that stuck out to me was the thought process behind the method (which ultimately made me think that this could be my best option), “walk breaks will significantly speed up recovery because there is less damage to repair. the early walk breaks erase fatigue, and the later walk breaks will reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.” interesting right?!

the biggest decision now? figuring out what the best run/walk interval is for me. to start, i am trying out running 10 minutes, then walking 1 minute to recover. and tonight, i ended up completing 3 sets of that specified interval, averaging a 10:21 minute pace and 3.19 total miles. and honestly, it felt great. i am really excited to see how my continued training with this method goes. i think over the next few weeks, i may try a few different interval options, so then i can stick with that leading into my primary marathon training.

any galloway runners out there? what works best for you?

until next time

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