it’s finally winter…

…well at least a for a few days! and i definitely took advantage of the weather yesterday to go for a nice quick run. i honestly LOVE running in cold weather, and this was definitely a great treat for us floridians who are used to running in hot and humid weather quite often. and funny enough, even with weather in the 40s – i was still out there in shorts and a tank top…i guess some habits just stick with you.

now, yesterday was my first run since the ouc half marathon as i needed to make sure i rested my body a little bit before getting back into running again. and i was glad that i did because yesterday’s run felt incredible. while i didn’t plan for a long run, i decided on a solid two miles. except this time i chose to complete two sets of one mile runs with a one minute break in-between each set. my main goal was to push my body enough on each mile, while also trying to complete a negative split from the first to second mile. and…SUCCESS! after averaging a 9:14 minute pace on the first mile, i then averaged an 8:40 minute pace on the second. i was thrilled?! one of my goals next year is to focus on speeding up my shorter distances…so hopefully this will be a great start.

but tomorrow is the day that i find out if i get into the chicago marathon! crossing major fingers.

until next time

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