lottery results…

…and unfortunately, i wasn’t selected this go around for the 2018 chicago marathon. i am not going to lie, it definitely stinks especially since i was fully prepared mentally to tackle a marathon next year. between all of the emotions that i had leading up to receiving the results email and seeing everyone’s posts with such excitement that they got into the race, it was a bit deflating seeing that email saying “we regret to inform you that your name was not selected.” but as much as it is disappointing, it is something that was out of my control – and i fully believe everything happens for a reason. and honestly i think half the battle is mentally thinking that you can accomplish this goal and i know that i was finally able to get to that point by signing up for the chicago lotto.

so, what next? i still think that next year is the year that i would ultimately want to complete a marathon…i figure, my body is really only going to be as good as it is now (especially with my knees) so i should stick with my goal for 2018. and hey, complete a marathon before i am 30 has a good ring to it. so technically i now have until mid-2019 to achieve my goal.

but being a firm believer of “things happening for a reason,” it made me start to think of what other options are now available. here’s what i’ve come up with after hearing the news:

option 1: run with a charity group for the chicago marathon
running for a charity is something that i’ve always wanted to do, so maybe this is my opportunity to jump right in and support a good cause, while also accomplishing my goal.

option 2: enter the lotto for the nyc marathon
another initial thought. nyc is one of my favorite cities, why not enter the lotto and see if luck is on my side for the run through the big apple!

but, it’s time to regroup and plan for 2018.

until next time

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