t-1 week #ucanfinish

oh man, i can’t believe there is only 1 more week until the u can finish 5 mile and 2 mile race. and am i behind on some training?! it’s amazing how crazy work weeks and traveling can really set you behind a bit. but with that being said, i was able to get out this morning (little later than intended) to get a solid, easy 3 miles in to prep for next sunday. now they definitely were not the prettiest or best miles i’ve ever done, but thankfully i was able to get my “running legs” back under me (slowly) today.

i’ve realized as i run more and more, it’s truly about the mental game. as much as my legs were definitely NOT feeling the run today, i had to push through a lot of mental blocks – especially as that last mile kicked in. thankfully i was able to push through, even after i wanted to cut the run short multiple times, averaging a 10:32 minute pace. in the back of my mind, i really just thought “you have to get this done.” it always amazes me how much mind power affects performance. but, today was just about getting the mileage complete and not so much speed so i was happy with how i finished. now i just need to get a couple more runs under my belt before next sunday.

do you want to run around the beautiful ucf campus next weekend? visit trackshack.com to learn more about the upcoming race. i know this is definitely one of my favorite races…i love running through the university of central florida (ucf) campus, especially running through the stadium. always cool for any kind of football fan. and calling all ucf students and alumni, you can receive a special discount. be sure to email info@trackshack.com for the discount code.

stay tuned for more training posts and a recap from next weekend’s race.

until next time

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