tuscany tuesday

family dinner resumes! after a ton of travel and crazy work weeks, a fun night with our crew was definitely a must. and last night, we decided to make one of our favorites that reminds us of cooler weather. fitting since we are supposed to get “fall” weather in the sunshine state this week. can you guess what we made?

if you said chili, then you are correct! a delicious hearty homemade turkey chili that i found while browsing whole 30/paleo recipes (recipe here by paleo newbie), that seems to now be a go-to meal for us. and the best part is you can make it your own, as we stuck with the same couple modifications to the recipe – not utilizing the carrots and celery. but one of the best parts, pairing up a wine with our meal. i mean, you can’t have “family dinner” without a featured wine of the evening. and we chose…a wine from our latest #TGT shipment, the 2015 fattoria di sammontana chianti.

now we thought this would be a great pair since it’s typically recommended to be paired with food like pasta and red sauce, pizza and more. and while chili isn’t an italian dish, we figured the heartiness and red sauce based meal would be a great fit. and thankfully we made a good choice. our handout wasn’t kidding when it said that this wine could potentially become our next “to-go.” it was absolutely delicious…and i must say, i’m a sucker for a great chianti.

but what i found to be the most fascinating is that all of the farming at fattoria di sammontana is done organically and biodynamically. and after a little more research on their site, i just loved this quote highlighting the land, “this soil, usually defined as “ungrateful”, is the one that gives character and personality to our wines.” so incredible.

are you ready to travel the world through wine? visit grandtourwine.com to learn more. you can check out previously highlighted regions, and even gift a month subscription (hint hint, those holidays are coming up soon)?!

until next time

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