salute: part 2

the journey through tuscany continues…and let me tell you, just WOW! the next wine we tried was absolutely incredible. the perfect amount of flavor and it had an incredible finish with persistent tannins (in my opinion the best finish to a wine). but which wine am i talking about? none other than the cerbaie 2012 rosso di montalcino. one sip of this wine and i was sold.

now the rosso di montalcino is known to be brunello’s “baby brother” according to this month’s handout…but don’t let that fool you. this wine definitely doesn’t lack in personality. if you want your sangiovese fix, definitely look into this wine?! we ended up pairing our wine with a nice small charcuterie board…yes, we paired our last tuscany wine selection with charcuterie as well. what can we say, it’s one of our favorite meals…and we may have been a little lazy to cook last night. some other pairing ideas for this wine include: heartier, savory dishes to even hard cheeses, such as asiago and pecorino.

as i’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things about this wine club is the ability to learn more about wine. with this wine, we learned that “cerbaie’s 2012 rosso di montalcino ages for eight (8) months in slavonian botti, which provides a well-integrated structure to the wine.” which initially after reading, i didn’t exactly know what that meant. so after a little more research i learned that “italian winemakers have had a long history of using slavonian oak, which tends to be used in larger barrel sizes (with less surface area relative to volume) with the same barrels reused for many years before replacement.” fascinating stuff! i know we cannot wait to try the last two wines from this shipment.

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until next time

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