take me out to the ballgame

there is nothing better than a baseball game on a lovely spring day. and that is exactly what we decided to do this past sunday at the atlanta braves spring training game – located at espn wide world of sports complex. seated in the berm section, it was the perfect place to spend the afternoon with some great company. this was my first time actually sitting in the lawn seating, and honestly i liked these seats better than any other in the stadium. bringing a blanket to sit on, grabbing some beer and snacks – it was like we were having a picnic in the outfield.

but more than anything – it was such an incredibly relaxing day. sometimes we forget to take a step away from the every day life activities, that we don’t enjoy everything around us. that’s one of my goals, and the purpose for this blog, is to remind everyone to live in the moment. i even have a hard time with this sometimes, but then i am quickly reminded that we only have this one life to live AND we have to take advantage of every single moment. thankfully, i have some pretty incredible people in my life, that also enjoy making memories and exploring new things.

so what is on your list this week to “create a new memory?”

until next time

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