why do i run?

“a 12 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile.”

i recently saw this quote and it could not be more true. leading up to gasparilla, i’ve been so focused on training within my goal range as ultimately i’d love to “officially” PR in this race, and sometimes i lose sight that it’s really just remarkable that i am running 13.1 to begin with. it isn’t about how fast i go, but the fact that i am running the distance. i think we all fall into that mentality sometimes – especially when we start to get competitive with ourselves. i know i do – mindset of a former competitive athlete. but it makes you stop and think – why do i run?

for a large part of my life – my main goal was striving to be the best…to make the team…to earn a spot in the lineup. but running isn’t that for me. while i will have my own goals and strive for my own success, running is a challenge. not only physically, but more so mentally and that is what i love about it. the fact that i can mentally challenge myself on each and every run. but overall, running just makes me feel good. it makes me feel empowered. it shows me that i can overcome challenges. it’s an escape from a tough day. running is so many things, depending on the day and the challenge ahead.

so let me ask all of you out there, why do you run? (comment below)

until next time

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