across the pond

well, it’s official – keith and i are heading across the pond later this year. while i’ve been very fortunate to travel internationally since i was a little girl, this is keith’s first time overseas – which as you can imagine, makes it extremely exciting for me as well. the fact that i will get to experience the excitement from a first-timers point of view, you can’t beat that. and quite honestly, it will still be just as exciting for me since this is actually my first time over to ireland – one of the stops on our trip.

ireland has always been a bucket list trip of mine – and when i found out that one of keith’s TOP choices for a trip included ireland, i knew this trip would happen sooner rather than later. fortunately for us, our great friends gave us a reason to fly overseas this year by landing a spot in the berlin marathon. so naturally, we seized the moment and decided, why not?! we’ve become quite the “professional spectators” over the last couple years – i mean i’ve watched my best friend already complete 2 of the world major marathons – so i have to continue with the trend right?!

the trip will be here before we know it – and the preparation begins! check back to kpmoments to learn more about our potential must-sees, packing (i’m traveling with the notorious over packer) and much more.

until next time

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