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the countdown is on…31 more days until disney’s wine and dine half marathon weekend begins. and with the countdown ticking down at a rapid pace, it is our time to kick into high gear with our training. as some of you saw, keith and i recently completed our “are you rogue? 5K” virtual race – but we also doubled that challenge by completing a 10K this morning. so you can say that we definitely earned our medals (that were seriously the size of our heads). but more so, today was a time to figure out our race strategy and really focus on our pace, especially with disney’s wine and dine half being keith’s very first half marathon.

and let me tell you, he finished today’s training run like a champion. we kept a very consistent pace at 13:21 minutes/mile in some pretty intense heat (we may have slept in a little longer than we planned). i think the best part of the morning run though (and all runs for that matter) was the fact that we are able to share this experience together – supporting each other step by step and truly following each other’s leads. and that’s going to be a huge factor going into our 8 mile run next weekend and then the half marathon only a short month away.

i can’t wait to share more updates with you all in the coming weeks. and if you are looking for a great virtual race, check out full medal runs. they have a great selection of different races that you can complete (with some pretty awesome medals).

until next time

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