national coffee day

coffee lovers unite
coffee lovers unite

i think national coffee day should be everyday, however today is the special day where we celebrate the very thing that gives us life in the mornings. and ironically i had a very early start to the morning – thank goodness for my second cup of coffee. from the basic black coffee to fancy lattes, i think we can all agree that this is a day to celebrate.

and it gets even better when i can combine my love for coffee with my passionĀ for disney. disney parks blog author and merchandise communications manager, steven miller, recently posted about some new mugs that are soon coming to disney parks. honestly, i probably don’t really need another mug – but they draw me in. i mean you have to have a mug that matches your mood for the day, am i right?! i must say out of the preview of the collection, i am absolutely loving the geometric patterns that truly embody the 1960s spirit. i must love that vintage look.

in addition to the mugs, this post features disney parks and resorts specialty coffee collection from joffrey’s coffee. i can tell you from personal experience, the coffee selection is absolutely incredible (and delicious)! if you haven’t checked out the full line, visit the joffrey’s website and read the full disney parks blog post here.

enjoy your caffeine everyone!

until next time

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