run for bling…

#winedinehalf training - 5 miles
#winedinehalf training – 5 miles

22 days and counting…

i feel like #winedinehalf seems so far away, yet all at the same time it is approaching at rapid speed. and with that, the training continues on. last night, keith and i embarked on a 5 mile journey to (first off) get prepped for a couple shorter races this week AND get those miles in before the big race day. we decided on trying a different strategy for the run – running 2 miles, then walking 2 minutes. and wow, did that work?! in comparison to last week’s run, we did drop our mileage by 1.2 however our average pace decreased by over a minute. completely insane. i definitely know we are going to be trying out this plan during our 8 mile run coming up – that way we can evaluate and see how we think it would work for the half marathon. i’ve come to realize that it’s really all trial and error – no one person is the same when it comes to running. that’s been the best part of this whole journey is getting to experience it together, while also learning the cues to help one another. teamwork makes the dream work in this case.

well, a few races to come leading up to #windinehalf. be sure to check back to the blog for updates on our training, races and more.

until next time.

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