usa golden girls

wow…that is all i can say about the usa women’s gymnastics team. such domination over the rest of the world.

nothing feels better than wearing red, white and blue
nothing feels better than representing your country wearing THE red, white and blue

watching these girls always brings back a load of memories from my days on the usa gymnastics national team. while i never competed at the olympic games, i was honored to compete for my country internationally for six years. it’s one of those times in my life where it seems so surreal because it quite honestly feels like it was a lifetime ago. in reality, it kind of was considering i was on the national team from the ages of 12-17. i think the biggest impact for me watching these girls is realizing how much gymnastics molded and helped shape my life into what it is today. if it wasn’t for this sport, i wouldn’t have learned the lessons of overcoming defeat, being humble in those glory moments – to even those impactful moments of leadership and teamwork. it’s the dedication we all had to put into our sport that made us these fierce competitors. and i think this sport has molded a lot of young girls lives…i know it has for a lot of my former teammates and friends.

so as much as i see these incredible (and almost perfect) performances, i also see these things: the joy…the fire…the determination. and it’s those things that probably stand out more to me than anything. and watching those girls receive that olympic gold medal, standing on the podium and hearing our national anthem…it gives me chills. and although i’ve never personally heard the anthem play at an olympic games, i’ve been in that moment at various international competitions – and if i felt that emotion there, i can only imagine how it feels on the biggest stage there is for the sport.

and it’s not only within gymnastics, but truly every sport i’ve been watching. these athletes have dedicated their lives to their sport and each show all of these same characteristics. just incredible. so thank you…to all of my former coaches, former teammates, friends and family for always pushing me to strive for more and to now help me realize how this wonderful sport has developed me into the person i am today. and a thank you to this sport for bringing so many incredible people into my life that have truly become lifelong friends.

and a final congratulations to the usa women’s gymnastics team…i still an in awe from last night.


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