back into the groove

well i suppose now is the time to finally get back into a regular running routine. i mean, runDisney’s wine & dine half marathon is definitely approaching faster than anticipated (for both keith and myself). between the moving, packing and vacations – our regular running routine has definitely been impacted. but now that all of those things are behind us – focus on the task at hand…TRAINING!

so last night, we decided to hit the streets around our neighborhood and start off with an easy pace 2 mile run. and wow, was it easier than anticipated. we definitely thought we’d be hurting more after that run…but in reality, we both felt like we could’ve ran more. we decided not to push it though because who knows how second day soreness can hit. that’s always the worst. and thankfully for myself, the track shack running series starts this weekend with the celebration of running 5k. i am extremely excited to get this series started – keith can’t join me this time, but hopefully he’ll get to sign up for some future track shack series running races. really hoping to utilize this series to help me train for my 3 half marathons coming up over the next several months.

check back this weekend to hear all about the track shack celebration of running 5k.

until next time

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