bachelorette vino: week 6

man these breaks between bachelorette episodes are throwing us off, but thankfully the bachelorette came back into all of our lives this week. and whoa, hometowns are next week – the season is just flying by and before we know it someone will be down on one knee proposing. side note: does anyone else notice how much these guys care about their hair?! seriously so much product being used.

the bachelorette: week 6 featured wine

so this week’s meal was half homemade – half store purchased. we ended up deciding on taco salads – so celebrated taco tuesday for “tuesday family dinner”, how fitting?! so the homemade part – easy peasy, quick taco seasoning with ground meat and then some corn with a little bit of salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. delicious. now for the store-bought…i ended up going to moes and probably had the weirdest order ever ending up with 2 bowls of lime cilantro rice and some salad dressing. i figured i needed some mexican dressing selection so “light bulb” why not go somewhere to pick up these different options. it ended up being a huge success, especially the chipotle ranch dressing!

as with any bachelorette night, we of course cracked open a delicious bottle of wine. this week’s selection, a slow press cabernet sauvignon (learn more). with intense flavors and smooth tannins, this wine is actually aged in american oak barrels for 11 months to help deliver a smooth finish to the wine. with notes of dark fruits and blackberries, this cabernet definitely didn’t lack in flavor.

check in next week to see our featured “bachelorette” wine of the week and a new “tuesday family dinner” recipe.

until next time

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