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excitement is such an understatement right now as we are only one day away from sailing to a tropical paradise on the disney dream. the anticipation is killing me – can it be friday already?! i know i’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but i am most looking forward to spending time with my love. to finally have the chance to get away and not worry about daily life – to unplug and relax. it seems like the past few months have been such a whirlwind, so the ability to let time stop for a brief moment will be absolutely amazing. and as much as i want it to be friday, it’s probably best we will have another day since we need to finalize on our packing. and with that, i want to leave everyone with some of my own cruise tips and advice.

  • don’t overpack
    let’s be honest, you’ll be spending the majority of your time in a bathing suit – especially on bahamas and caribbean crusies. plan out your outfits ahead of time to avoid packing 7 more outfits than you really need.
  • bring multiple bottles of sunscreen (and OFF bug repellent in my case)
    so important to bring these essentials. nothing is worse than being on vacation and getting completely burnt – take care of your skin. and with all of the buzz going around about zika, i made sure to purchase a can of OFF bug repellent – for that extra layer of protection
  • pack the essentials in your carry on
    typically you can’t get into your room right off the bat, so be sure to pack medications or ANYTHING you may need in your carry on bag. this way you can also ensure that valuables are not misplaced.
  • complete documentation before arriving at port
    this makes check-in so much easier. if your cruise has an online check-in, DO IT. it eliminates the worry and hassle once getting to your departure port. oh and don’t forget those passports!
  • check the alcohol policy (over 21 years of age)
    from bringing on your own alcohol to alcohol packages on the cruise ship, these all vary from cruise line to cruise line. do your research.
  • enjoy and relax
    i know most people are putting together their itineraries and what they want to do in each port of call (trust me i’ve done this before). my best advice, while planning is a great tool to see everything, don’t stress out about it. it’s vacation, be sure to enjoy and relax.

check back monday for highlights from our vacation.

until next time

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  1. One thing I’ve learned about the carry-on is to include in it anything that cannot be replaced easily (passports, medication, ID card, glasses) or that can be damaged by water (like any electronics, cash). It’s never happened to me but I have heard of people whose luggage fell into the water instead of getting onto the ship!


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