come sail away

some of the cruise essentials

holy smokes, our cruise is only 4 days away. keith and i are so excited to be setting sail on board the disney dream – actually who’s kidding, we seriously cannot contain our excitement. so over the weekend, i (of course) started packing my bag and got most everything together for our weekend getaway. in typical fashion, i started with the most important essentials…our 4 bottles of wine, cricut made wine tervis tumblers, ucf and bama tervis tumblers and our awesome cricut made koozies. oh, in addition to our all important passports and cruise documents.

now, this is probably one of the only cruises where i haven’t been putting together an entire list of plans as we ultimately want to just relax. to escape the everyday life and be together. and this is the first cruise keith and i are going on together, so we want to just enjoy each other’s company and take everything in. i mean, i may have been on the disney dream before, but it will be like a whole new experience since keith hasn’t been on the dream (or ANY disney ship) yet. i will get him hooked for sure – i mean i have to get to that platinum castaway club level at some point.

the countdown is on…

until next time

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