bachelorette vino: week 4

finally, the bachelorette is back – that week off was brutal. ok maybe i’m exaggerating a little bit, however it did mean that “tuesday family dinner” was here. probably my favorite night of the week, i found an incredible recipe for a homemade hearty beef chili (recipe here) that followed the whole 30 challenge plan. i’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with how all of these meals have come out – more so the fact that we’ve been able to make homemade meals instead of utilizing the pre-made packets that always seem so much easier. in reality, it really isn’t that much more work and it’s a lot more fun in the kitchen this way too.

the bachelorette: week 4 featured wine

now we made a couple modifications to the recipe – not utilizing the carrots, celery and only used green bell peppers. in addition, we actually didn’t even use the crock pot due to another dish being cooked in that wonderful invention. so, we simply utilized the stove top and it came out to perfection. i may add, last night my mind was not fully there – realizing i started to put teaspoons of chili powder in the pot instead of tablespoons. so let me tell you, there was a lot of eye ball measurements last night. thankfully, everything came out better than expected.

and you can’t have a hearty chili without wine – highlighting a 2013 roblar triomphe from santa barbara county. structured like a bordeaux, this elegant wine perfectly blends cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc and petit verdot. with great fruit flavors and a long finish, this wine actually gets aged for 18 months entirely in a 2-4 year old french oak barrel – cool right?!

check in next week to see our featured “bachelorette” wine of the week and a new “tuesday family dinner” recipe.

until next time

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