the whiskey orlando

the whiskey - fried mozzarella
the whiskey – fried mozzarella

every couple weeks my co-workers and i like to try a local restaurant near work to unwind from the daily grind. recently, we decided to try a location right down the street from the office called the whiskey. and man, are we glad that we came here. obviously known for their whiskey (serving over 100 brands of whiskey, bourbon, scotch and rye), they also produce incredible food with a big side of rock n’ roll. even being ranked as having one of the best burgers in orlando?!

personally, i love going to the whiskey during happy hour. not for the purpose you think, but for the food. some of my MUST HAVE selections have been the parmesan truffle fries and the fried mozzarella. each cooked perfectly, you can never go wrong with the amount of flavor put into each of these dishes. and while these two are my personal favorites, i’ve heard multiple people say that their other offerings are incredible – happy hour or not. in addition to the wonderful food selection, they also have some great drink specials. since i don’t drink whiskey, i normally end up having one of my go-to beer selections – goose island 312. no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

as the whiskey likes to put it – it’s chef driven and foodie owned focused on delivering high quality plates with an incredible atmosphere. learn more about the whiskey here

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