red shorts virtual 5k

i’m a little late to posting this, but…two of the three runDisney virtual running shorts series races have been completed. our red shorts medals have definitely been earned. for this race, we decided to tackle the epcot resort area for our second 5k race in the series. for those of you who may not be as familiar with disney property, these resorts include: disney’s boardwalk inn and villas, disney’s yacht & beach club resorts and disney’s swan and dolphin resort. in addition to these resorts, there are also pathways to epcot and disney’s hollywood studios, which were definitely utilized to gain our mileage.

sporting our #cricutmade shirts for #redshorts virtual 5k

now we’ve ran around this area before, but never for 3.1 miles – so we definitely had to utilize our creativity to stretch out the route trying to avoid looping around the resorts multiple times. thankfully, it was actually pretty easy to do. starting the route by the atlantic dance hall, we made our way around the yacht & beach club resorts leading to the back entrance of epcot. knowing that we can’t head into the park while running, we then looped back around and ran through disney’s boardwalk inn and villas. next is my favorite part of the route, the pathway to disney’s hollywood studios. running alongside the waterway is just so peaceful (seeing tower of terror on the route doesn’t hurt either – my favorite ride). once we made it to the studios, we looped back down the waterway path and finally ended our race near the yacht & beach club resort pool. and since we were already walking towards epcot for our cool down, we decided to head into the park and grab a well-deserved beer from rose & crown. i mean, isn’t that what everyone does after their runs?!

two down, one to go. now the biggest decision, where should we run our last runDisney virtual series race?

until next time

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