t-1 month to disney cruise

almost time to set sail
and so, the adventure begins

oh my goodness, it’s only one month away until keith and i sail the seas on the disney dream. i cannot believe that our trip is so close and recently receiving our booklets in the mail made it so much more real. so of course with the cruise only a month away, we are starting to think about the essentials: what to pack, what to do while on board, etc.?!

one thing that i love about the disney ships is that you can actually bring 2 bottles of wine on board per person. so taking advantage of that, we decided that it only made sense to purchase tervis tumbler wine glasses – knowing that we didn’t want to drink wine out of paper cups on our balcony. but they couldn’t just be ordinary wine glasses, so with a little help from my cricut i made some simple yet customized glasses. don’t let me fool you, i’ve had these glasses done for two months now, so i am excited to finally use them on the ship.

but as much as the planning is extremely fun, i’m just looking forward to unplugging for a few days and spending time with my love. it’s not often when you can truly just enjoy the company you are with – without any distractions from the ‘real world’. so cheers to sailing away in a month. and check back soon for packing tips and advice for sailing on any disney ship (i can’t believe this will be number eight for me).

until next time

5 Replies to “t-1 month to disney cruise”

  1. Have you been able to get on the website to see the port adventures? It just comes up blank for me but maybe you already booked them and haven’t looked lately but if you know the secret to getting on there, let me know! It used to work fine but lately it just pulls up a blank page.


    1. Hey there. Looks like it may be back up and running. I was just able to get to that page myself. We probably aren’t doing any Port Adventures this trip, so haven’t checked out that page in a while. Hope it works for you!


      1. It’s still not working for me! Maybe you are getting to it a different way? I go to the main disney cruise page, then click “Things to Do” then “Port Adventures.” Do you have a different way to get there? I’m not logging in.


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