cala bella – shingle creek

there is nothing better than an impromptu date night with my love. and that is exactly what ended up happening last night. we initially were thinking about going to a land remembered at the rosen shingle creek resort, but that restaurant actually was closed for the evening. this led us to deciding on cala bella and ultimately it ended up being the best place for us to dine for the evening.

starting with a glass of prosecco, the evening just flowed from conversation to conversation. honestly, that is one of the things that i love about keith. the fact that we can carry on a conversation and truly escape into our own world, especially because that is so rare in today’s age of technology. time escapes us as well, as we ended up spending 3 hours of uninterrupted time together enjoying each others company and a delicious meal.

speaking of the meal, cala bella truly whisks you away into an italian and mediterranean food journey. from classic italian dishes to a diverse wine list, you certainly cannot go wrong with any selection made. and this restaurant is actually a AAA four diamond award winner, in which only 2.3 percent of nearly 28,000 restaurants approved by AAA make this list.

our italian food journey for the evening

simi alexander valley, cabernet sauvignon

mozzarella stuffed bella meatballs
tomato ragu, fontina fondue

chicken parmesan
breaded chicken cutlet, italian herbs, marinara, fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, spaghetti pasta

grilled tuscan ribeye 12 oz.
herb rub, gorgonzola cheese crust, gigandes beans, roasted potatoes, kale

all of our selections hit the spot, and i know this restaurant will be another one we visit again and again. if you are looking for a nice, romantic and peaceful evening – look no further than cala bella.

until next time

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