global running day

running has made a huge impact in my life this past year and i truly owe it all to my best friend. while i used to run before, it was her drive and dedication to this skill that allowed me to then take on the challenge. the challenge of running my first half marathon to running at least one race a month in 2016 – it’s incredible what a little motivation can do for a person.

and with all of these challenges, i’ve had my favorite person supporting me (even now running beside me) through these races, daily runs…whatever it may be. isn’t that was running is all about, the community. i know we’ve all been running and passed by a fellow runner, what’s the automatic reaction – a quick hello, a smile, a wave? it’s the best feeling – knowing that you may not know that person, but they are also cheering and supporting your journey on that run. so let’s continue on this incredible adventure we call running and continue to build that amazing community.

some of my favorite running moments

so tell me, how are you celebrating global running day? or even better, what motivates you to run?

until next time

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