cheers to turkey day

wow, can you believe that thanksgiving has already come and gone. i swear, as i get older the time just ticks on by so quickly. in a blink, we will be celebrating the new year! but as i reflect on thanksgiving, i am constantly reminded about how truly lucky i am to be surrounded by so many incredible people in my life. what a fantastic holiday it was – and no surprise, we celebrated in #kpsquared fashion with some delicious bottles of wine.

luckily, our “the grand tour” shipment from verve wine arrived right in time for the holiday – delivering best picks to pair with our turkey day meal. and wow, these wines were a perfect pair. we ended up bringing the peter lauer ‘barrel x’ riesling and presqu’ile winery pinot noir to our thanksgiving meal with family and they were incredible choices.

we ended up starting with the riesling, which was extremely crisp to my taste. and let me tell you it was the perfect drink to sip on as the meal was getting prepared – especially as some of us snuck early bites of the turkey as it was being carved. and i loved what our handout said about riesling, that it’s “viticulture’s most misunderstood grape variety.” i know i am sometimes guilty of thinking that riesling is primarily only sweet in nature. however, i learned that it’s actually one of the world’s most adaptable grape varieties – varying from bone dry to sweet. this particular bottle was more on the dry scale and had some great acidity – really tasting the notes of green apple (which is one of my favorite flavors).

presqu’ile winery pinot noir from santa barbara

as the meal started, we ended up switching to the pinot noir – especially since it was recommended that pinot noir and turkey are a match made in heaven! so it seemed like a no brainer to open up this delicious bottle of wine, AND from one of my favorite regions, santa barbara. we actually had a smoked turkey for the first time, and wow the flavors off the bird totally complemented this wine. not only did it complement the main dish, but it also was a great match for the rest of the meal; nice and easy drinking. it was definitely a favorite among several of us, and i know we all wish there was more after the bottle was finished! thankfully, we still have a couple bottles from this shipment that we can continue to try post-thanksgiving.

overall, we had an incredible holiday and it’s hard to believe that we are already so close to the end of the year. do you want to travel the world through wine? the grand tour by verve wine has been one of the best investments we’ve made – and it’s a perfect holiday gift for others (or even for yourself)! visit the following link for a discount off your first order of the grand tour (TGT) wine club by verve wine.

until next time

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