traveling through the world of wine

finally, our summer hold with “the grand tour” by verve wine is finally over. while i definitely missed our wine shipments each month over the summer, it was definitely worth the wait to ensure our wine arrived in tip top condition. and bonus, it literally felt like christmas in october!

and we definitely kicked off receiving our wine in style by “traveling” through wonderful locations (via wine of course) with some great friends. so where did we travel to? we decided to start in a place that i didn’t really realize produced so much wine: hungary – selecting the somlói vandor juhfark. i think dustin wilson, master sommelier, said it best, “don’t be intimidated by the hard-to-spell producer & variety names on the bottles!” i know i am guilty of looking at a label and if i don’t understand what it says, i may be hesitant about trying it. one of the top reasons why i love “the grand tour” is because we are trying new wines all the time. and holy smokes, this wine was so crisp and delicious – and perfectly paired with our meat and cheese board.

continuing on the journey, we traveled to finger lakes, new york. again, not really a place were i immediately think about wine but wow, was i impressed by our selection: bellweather wine cellars pinot noir sawmill creek. this wine was a perfect transition for us – easy sipping, a great combination to a night full of conversation, fireworks and relaxation. and fun fact about this wine, “the grapes from sawmill creek are hand-sorted and partially whole cluster fermented, with nine months of aging in french oak prior to bottling.”

from hungary to new york, then france

and can you guess what our final destination was? drumroll please…we landed in france within the regions of jura & savoie. we ended with a fantastic light-bodied wine, the domaine rolet pere & fils arbois poulsard vieilles vignes. while this wine is recommended to be paired with foods like tuna steaks and grilled vegetables, we actually just ended up sipping on this wine without any food accompanied. and truly, it was absolutely delicious and the best wine to end the evening. i know i can’t wait to explore these regions more in the upcoming weeks.

do you want to travel the world through wine? be sure to check out the grand tour by verve wine. not only do you get incredible wines each month, but you also get to learn about the various wine regions and varietals all at the same time.

until next time

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