80 days and counting…

i can’t believe we are less than 3 months away from the chicago marathon. it seems like yesterday when i was signing up for the race and now it’s almost here. and while training has been going quite well, i’ve definitely hit a bit of a mental slump. and i know this is probably normal especially during this timeframe of training, but my body is definitely starting to feel worn down.

however with that being said, i am so glad that i have a fantastic group of people to run with for my long runs. honestly the majority of the time, that it how i’ve been able to finish those runs. i am all about having distractions while running so having people to talk to and to motivate you along the way…there is nothing better. i think that’s why i love races too! still to this day, i am amazed that i’ve already ran 16 miles (huge thanks to my best friend for the continuous motivation for that run)…and have continued to run a good amount of miles throughout this journey. and while i know i still have an 18 and 20 miler ahead of me – i just have to stay positive and remember that i am running this marathon for such a great cause.

so even though i may be in a mental slump, having that in the back of my mind always helps me carry on. and trust me, i definitely utilized some of that mental strength during my last long run this past weekend – a 12 miler. it’s so funny how that seems like a shorter distance now, but man was it a struggle to wake up that morning. alas, i am proud that i haven’t missed a weekend run yet…consistency is key.

but before we know it chicago marathoners, our race will be here. stay tuned for some more training updates and comment below is you have any tips on how you stay motivated!

until next time

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