staycation essentials

with our first #hgv staycation coming up, it always makes me start to think about what i am going to pack. now, i am a typical planner and tend to pack a bit earlier than i need to, but it has made me start thinking about our “staycation essentials.” we’ve staycationed quite a bit over the last couple years and i feel like every time we tend to bring what are now our standard items.

so with that, here are some of our staycation essentials (florida style):

  1. with the intense heat of summer in florida, sunscreen,  a big floppy hat and swimsuits are no brainer items. seems like a funny thing to have on a checklist, but trust me as floridians we tend to forget items like sunscreen for some reason?! but since we are planning a staycation during the summer months (and knowing we will be spending a lot of time at the pool) – these are some must-haves.
  2. wine! i know this tends to be on most of my lists – as you all have probably realized, i love a great glass of wine. and for these summer months, i love having either a nice rosé or white wine (one of my favorites lately has been a chenin blanc)! and it never hurts to have some wine in the room, especially if you staycation room has a balcony.
  3. since we are going to be close to home, i sometimes like to bring some of our favorite coffee flavors with us. we love a great french press coffee, and lately we’ve been on a big joffrey’s coffee kick. so while not on every staycation, occasionally we like to bring our french press with us.
  4. a fancy outfit (in the realm of a little black dress). yep, even on a staycation we like to try something new and typically that is either a nice restaurant or bar that we haven’t been to before. i feel like it’s our chance to have a “night on the town” and also explore something that is right in our backyard. there is so much in the orlando area, it’s hard to go to each and every spot.

but i want to hear from you…what are some of your favorite staycation tips adn essentials!

until next time

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