red, white and rosé

happy red, white and rosé?!

yesterday was the fourth of july, and naturally we celebrated in typical fashion…with wine! i love this time of the year – sweet summertime, relaxing with friends and it’s honestly the perfect time for a nice refreshing rosé. i hadn’t really been a huge rosé drinker until just recently, especially after understanding how many different variations there are of this varietal.

now for this selection, we ended up trying a bottle from a recent verve wine “the grand tour” shipment, the 2016 domaine de torraccia porto vecchio rosé. coming from the region of corsica, right off the coast of france, this wine has a brightness to it that we loved. it was actually described as “crisp, bright, and full of zesty acidity.” i honestly couldn’t say it any better – the description was spot on. and we found out that the vines from this vineyard were actually planted over forty years ago…wow!

now to us, we never knew what was best to pair with a rosé. come to find out from our shipment notes, rosé is actually one of the most versatile styles of wine for pairing with food, who knew?!

but alas, we have to wait a couple more months until our next grand tour shipment. we opted in to the “summer hold” to ensure that our wine arrived in tip-top shape. i will say, we definitely miss getting our “world travel” through wine each month, however it’s definitely for the best. although, i may or may not have ordered some wine in the meantime from verve wine anyways.  they just have such a great selection and we are prepping for a couple upcoming trips.

what is your favorite rosé?

until next time

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