sunday runday

95 days and counting…

i can’t believe that we are officially under the 100 day mark until the chicago marathon. the time to train just seems to be flying by so quickly. but thankfully (somehow), i have stayed true to my training plans. that’s what i’ve found to be most important – getting out on the road, even on the days that i really don’t want to. but, got to be prepared.

and sunday was definitely one of those days where it was a struggle to get out of bed, especially knowing that i had to run 16 miles. and i don’t know, something about running over 15 miles seemed extremely daunting. but, my awesome best friend agreed to run with me – something i was so thankful for because honestly, running with company is so much better. and even though the alarm went off way to early, we got up and hit the road.

honestly, i was feeling pretty good for the first 10 miles; i have realized that after running a lot of these longer distances, 10 miles has gotten a little bit easier to complete (especially utilizing the interval method). and on this run, i was very grateful that i had my friend there to push me through those last 6 miles. on some of my other long runs, i’ve broken my intervals as the mileage increased. but she kept me steady on my 3 minute/1 minute intervals – ending up finishing at a 14:10 minute pace (about 3 hours and 46 minutes). while i know that isn’t a very quick pace, i was extremely proud of it. and i still have some time to work on my pacing before race day in october.

but now, it’s time to decrease my mileage a bit until i build back up to 18 miles towards the end of the month.

did any of you participate in “sunday runday” this past weekend?

until next time

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