chicago training update

107 days until my first marathon. that seems so far away, but i know that this countdown will go by oh so quickly! heck, it already seems like i’m so far into my training. granted, i have had to modify and overly plan for marathon training. having had four knee surgeries, i can’t train with a typical training plan. so, knowing how my body works – i’ve figured out a great schedule that works for me – completing long runs pretty much every other weekend and ensuring that i am completing shorter runs in-between that timeframe. that way i can have the proper rest before my planned long runs.

so far, i’ve built up to a 14 mile run – my longest run to date. and honestly, in the heat of summer here in florida, i was really proud of how that run went – finishing in 3 hours. over halfway there…woah, living on a prayer?! a little bon jovi humor in there. it’s amazing how after completing a few long runs that now 10 miles seems a lot easier than it used to. hopefully, that trend will continue as my miles increase…gearing up for that 20 miler at the end of august.

also, i cannot believe that i am already saying this, but i have hit over 100% of my chicago marathon fundraising goal for bright pink – a non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. i am so excited to be part of this team and i literally just got my team bright pink tank in the mail – talk about getting the “this is happening” feeling. and while i know i have already hit my goal, i still want to help this incredible cause to help prevent and raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer – something that affects so many.

so…i’m asking you, to help me raise and support women to be proactive against breast and ovarian cancer. i cannot wait to run for something that is bigger than all of us and be part of team bright pinkvisit my fundraising page to help contribute and stay tuned for more marathon training updates!

until next time

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  1. Way to go on that 14 miler–sounds like things are going well. It’s probably going to feel amazing to run in Chicago in the fall after all the heat you are training in. I kind of love that about fall marathons–that summer training makes you strong! Good luck with the rest of your training!


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