chicago training begins…

i cannot believe that my chicago marathon training has officially begun. yesterday i had my first long run to kick off my summer long training for my very first marathon. it has become a lot more real that i am actually going to be running 26.2 miles. but alas, there is no turning back now.

and thankfully yesterday’s run was a great one. it may have been extremely hot and humid (thanks florida), but i made it through 10 miles without a hitch. and i have stuck to the galloway method which i started earlier this year, but decided to break it down to 3 minute/1 minute intervals. after my half marathon in april, i quickly realized that i will need a nice and steady plan for 26+ miles. it’s all about consistency and finishing the race.

and i was so thankful for a little company along the way. i swear running with others definitely keeps your mind off the fact that you are running for 2+ hours. a lot of distraction is the name of the game for me. and to think, by the time it’s my 20 mile run…that will be over 4 hours of running, whew! best to take this one step at a time. but the driving force for me throughout all of this training is the fact that i am running for an incredible cause, bright pink. and while i still can’t believe that i have hit my fundraising goal for this fantastic charity – i still want to raise more awareness for breast & ovarian cancer. i am running for something so much bigger than myself.

be sure to check out my fundraising page to learn more about why i chose this organization and the chicago marathon. here’s to training…

until next time

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