vacation planning begins…

oh man, it’s official…we are fully activated with our hilton grand vacations club membership. to say we are excited is truly one of the biggest understatements of the year. and naturally, being the planner that i am, i’ve already mapped out a few places that we can travel to this year – all documented within a spreadsheet showcasing point value and more. yep, pretty sure i should’ve been a travel agent or something. but honestly, that’s the best way for me to see what we can potentially book and not book – especially within our point value for the year.

and after my initial search, i am still just so surprised with how many places we can go with our allotted clubpoints. i definitely think there is a strategy to plan out these trips to best maximize the points that you have within a year. so whether it’s focusing on smaller trips, or maybe not traveling during the most peak time, you can definitely customize to your travel habits within this program. we also are lucky enough to have several properties right in our backyard of central florida, which allows us to have a lot of opportunity for staycations. something that i tend to think is vastly underrated. i love being able to stay in my own city, but also still be on vacation. best of both worlds. now don’t let me fool you though, i love traveling other places and abroad. but sometimes it’s nice to have a little mini getaway in your town – maybe even try things that you wouldn’t typically do being a local.

but i think finishing out this 2018 year, we will definitely plan on maximizing the value of our membership by taking some smaller trips. that way we can potentially experience a few different places throughout the year. and we already have a quick short list of some of our potential top spots for the year, which include: las vegas, myrtle beach, south carolina and your beloved orlando staycation. which one do you think we will book first?

stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts featuring our booked travel spots, what we are looking forward to, and more!

until next time

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