wine, from mexico?

i know, you’re probably thinking that i am crazy right now. but we really had an incredible wine, not from caiifornia or italian vineyards, but from our neighboring country, mexico called bichi mission ‘listan’ tecate 2016. now we were first introduced to this wine when we visited verve wine in new york city. as we were exploring the store, dustin wilson, master sommelier, handed us a glass of this wine to enjoy while we were shopping. honestly, we had never heard of any wine coming from tecate before, so we were definitely intrigued. and we loved how he initially described this wine, utilizing words like fresh, light and natural.

honestly after initially trying the wine, it reminded us a lot of a pinot noir, especially with the lightness of the wine. and we loved this wine so much, we decided to have it shipped from new york so we could enjoy it at home. and BONUS, the price point is incredible, only costing $25 per bottle. so naturally, we decided to have this wine with none other than our great friends during “family dinner night.” we always love to share wine with friends, i feel like everyone picks up on something different in a wine. so it’s exciting to see what notes each person smells and tastes, comparing and contrasting. from the description, this wine has “a gorgeous pale red color, vibrant with floral notes of spicy red fruit” and has a variety of recommendations for food pairing. we decided to pair with a delicious charcuterie board, it is also recommended to pair this wine with some of my favorites: tacos, pizza, pasta and burgers. quite literally every type of food that i love. 

interested in trying this wine? visit verve wine to view this wine and more!

until next time

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