hello #hgv membership

we are officially hilton grand vacations club members! i know you must be thinking, “what, a timeshare?” i know, it definitely seems a little unconventional for a couple in their late 20s / early 30s but we took the plunge. now, don’t let me fool you…we did not think that we were going to buy into the membership going into the presentation in new york.

in fact, it was just over a year ago when i was actually booking a hotel for berlin that i heard the initial pitch for hilton grand vacations. to me, it seemed like a no brainer to get a cheaper hotel rate to book a trip to new york city, one of our favorite places to visit. the only mandatory piece: going to the vacation club presentation during our vacation. now fast forward to over a year later, we are finally enjoying our time in the city. and like i mentioned above, we really did not have any expectations going into the presentation. quite honestly, we had never really considered joining a vacation club ever.

i have to admit, initially walking in i think we both had a little bit of a closed mind to all of it. but once we sat down with our sales representative, we ended up quickly talking about our travel habits and what we typically want out of our vacations. still being young and without kids, we know that travel is a huge priority in our lives right now and honestly i don’t see that priority changing even as our lives change. and i think what surprised us most is that fact that everything was tailored to us. it was about what made sense for us as a couple, and not just your standard presentation of a membership. heck, i didn’t even know there were really that many different membership options. i know there was one point in the presentation where we both looked at one another, and we instantly knew what the other person was thinking…”i think we may need to join this?” which i know surprised us both. i know for me, the moment we found out there was a club location in tuscany, italy on a vineyard, i was pretty much sold. clearly i am very motivated by my “dream location” trip and wine.

but in all seriousness, the plan we ended up selecting mimicked our current travel habits. so for us it seemed like a no brainer. to us, we looked at it as investing in our future. we know that we have dreams of traveling the world, so why not kick start that now. and let me tell you, we could not be more excited. i swear since we’ve gotten home, we are already started looking up our next potential destinations. these places look absolutely gorgeous, and honestly they are places that we’ve always wanted to visit but now we have easier accessibility to those locations than we did previously. and on top of that, we still have great access to the hilton brand of hotels, on top of our club locations. there are also so many other perks to this membership, which i will definitely write about in the future so stay tuned.

we can not wait to start our adventure with the hilton family and to share our tips, tricks and vacation recaps right here!

until next time

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