the end of the season

it’s finally here, the track shack running series has come to a close. it definitely is a bit of a sad day realizing that, as i feel like this season has by far been the best. i’ve made some new friends, had some great races and had the privilege of being an ambassador on team track shack. i have loved the track shack brand for many years, so to be a representative of their brand was seriously the biggest honor ever. thank you track shack for giving me this incredible opportunity.

and honestly, this season for me embodied more of a continued love for running. it wasn’t all about trying to hit a PR, but enjoying the journey. i mean, heck i never thought that i’d say i would be running a marathon later this year…EVER! but alas, here we are. and it’s through the incredible orlando running community that i think i got that motivation. every single person that i’ve met has been so inspiring, and i just love hearing all of their stories. the stories of completing a first race, all the way to completing another marathon, everyone is nothing short of amazing in this community.

and today was no different. now if you saw my post yesterday, you saw that the plan of the race changed a bit from what i initially had planned. i wanted to have a nice and easy race, and not really worry about a finish time. and honestly, that was the best plan i could’ve had for the day. after not being as consistent in my training, i wanted to make sure that i had a safe and healthy race. and that’s exactly what i did. continuing with my 5 minute / 1 minute intervals, i ended up finishing the race in 1:05:37 which is an average of a 10:33 minute pace. i was definitely happy with that – and now it’s time to even that pace out for my upcoming races and start training for my marathon pace. as you can see, i want to be as prepared as possible for those 26.2 miles.

and while the season may have ended, my running plan will definitely be kicking into high gear soon starting with the star wars half marathon: the dark side. i cannot wait for that race as it’s one of my favorite half marathons, going on 3 consecutive years running.

congratulations to all of the runners out there today!

until next time

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